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we help small business get big revenue increases

Are you starting a business?

We offer personalized marketing bundles that let you focus on doing what you enjoy while we work to find you new customers!

ready to uplevel your business

Get a customized strategy on how to increase your online presence and revenue. We help existing small businesses dominate in their industry.

website/seo services

Wake up to an inbox full of new leads. Our customized Customer Attraction System works to bring you new customers seven days a week.

social media marketing

 Love the results you see when using tools like Facebook, Instagram and others Space to reach new customers on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

email marketing

If you want consistent cash flow, you have to have consistent marketing. Since 92% of email users check their inbox daily, email marketing is a highly effective way to bring in new sales.

business Strategy

When you target nothing, you hit nothing. We help you create personalized business, revenue and marketing plans so you know what actions to take to reach your goals.

we handle the hard part for you

You enjoy helping people. You like what you do. But, when it comes to marketing, advertising, and creating a system to get new clients consistently, you don’t know where to start. Are you want to do is help people, not learn how to build a business. Our comprehensive marketing services less you focus on the parts you enjoy and we handle the rest.

We handle:

  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Landing Pages and more!

The First Step to Email Marketing

Before you need to think about tools, you must ask yourself this: “How can I best serve my market?” Whether you’re serving business owners, new moms, bloggers, or youth pastors, they each have a unique need that only you can fulfill. And when you discover what that need is, you’ll have two valuable pieces of information: 

  • What incentive will be a true no-brainer for your potential to opt-in to your list?
  • How can you use your mailing list to provide the best value for those who join your list?

Click here to read the full article.

our customer attraction system

Thousands of companies are leveraging the power of online marketing to create a consistent stream of new customers. We work with real estate agents, coaches, consultants, medical clinics and other service based businesses to help you use the power of digital marketing to attract more customers through our proven five step step.

Step 1: increased visibility

We use combine the power of SEO and social media to get increase your visibility so customers can easily find you.

Step 2: expert positoning

We help position you as an expert in your industry so customers know they can trust you.

step 3: lead magnet

We help you provide valuable and relevant content that attracts your customers. 

Step 4: relationship building

We use email marketing and automation to rapidly build your relationship with potential clients.

Step 5: raving fan

We help you convert leads to loyal customers who refer others to you. 

About me

I started my career in marketing in 2004 by doing photography and website design for NASA. I have used my knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication to write for the Houston Chronicle, TheNest.com, Body&More magazine, Home InStyle magazine and currently serve as a contributor to Forbes and the Huffington Post.

I have boosted the marketing efforts of PBS Emmy-Award winning producer/host Patricia Gras, March of Dimes, Texas A&M University, and ABC.

I now lead our team in helping new women entrepreneurs and business owners start and grow their service-based businesses.

Our mission is to help equip small businesses with the vibility, marketing, and technology they need to increase their sales.


 Her real-life, practical experience and expertise in business and marketing add to the value that she brings to her training to help you grow your business! 

Jennifer Weaver

Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay

Angel gave me a lightbulb moment on the FIRST day. I reached the goal I set for the challenge AND booked a high-end client!! Thank you Angel…!!!

Jenna Graziani

List Building Strategist, Summit Support

She’s also given me a formula … to growing my business. I see myself growing in my business with her ability to break down what I should be doing and how I can go about doing so.

Camilla Luke

Multidimensional Stylist, Camilla Luke

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