5 Ways To Be More Productive - Grow My Brand

technology-792180_960_720Becoming more productive is a sure-fire way to help you achieve your life goals. Systematizing your ways of working helps you to be more productive. The following five-step system can help to ensure you develop ways to be more productive and to reach the goals you set.

1. Monitor your progress

Score yourself out of 10 in every significant milestone of your goal achievement plan. Monitor how you progress, whether you are on track and how you feel about the goal and plan. Above all, check your motivation and keep giving yourself the rewards and incentives to keep going.

2. Note what works and does not

Make a note of what works for you and what is not every step of the way when working on your plan. This not only keeps you in control, but it also keeps your motivation high and allows you adjust your plan so that it works for you.

3. Strengthen what works

Strengthen those aspects of your plan that works through constant repetition. Repetition helps to integrate information into your brain and body, so that over time, positive behaviors become automatic. Keep the rewards coming as this also contributes to reinforcing the positives.

4. Find solutions to what does not work

If one aspect of your plan is not working for you, focus on it. Take time to think through the options for how you can turn those aspects so that they work for you. How many different ways can you approach your projects, tasks and activities? Who else could be involved or can help you? Is there anyone that you can consult? How have you dealt with similar issues in the past? As humans, we are very resourceful.

By putting aside the time to ask the right questions and access the creative parts of your mind you will be amazed by the potential “solutions” to your problems that you can imagine.

5. Evaluate your success, celebrate and move forward

Following all the above five steps will significantly increase your productivity, and thus the likelihood of a successful outcome for you. Once you’ve achieved success, evaluate the journey and determine what you have learned. Be sure to celebrate, but avoid the temptation of just basking in your glory.

Start to look to the future. What other productivity goals you want to achieve? What other problems are you facing that you want to solve? What is the next step you need to take to be more productive and create your ideal life?