How To Get More Customers Using Facebook Groups? | Grow My Brand

I see a lot of people sharing their products and I wanted to share a few tips to help you SELL MORE 🙂

These tips are specifically on “HOW TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS IN FACEBOOK GROUPS”

1. Introduce Yourself Once a Month – Groups grow and change on a daily basis. Introducing yourself with a picture or video and sharing some of your interests is a great way to get to know the people in the group

2. Engage Once Daily – Are you posting in Facebook adobestock_21107505_wmgroups and no one is liking or engaging in your posts? That’s because they don’t know you and you haven’t took any steps to getting to know them. Pick a time block of 15 minutes each day to login and BOTH like and comment on posts that other people have posted.

3. Only Sell After you Share – Have you said hello? Have you shared a tip or blog that relates to what you do? Don’t share your product or service until you have at least shared two posts that provide actual value!!
*****(Don’t be the person who posts their products 3 times a day. There is a reason no one is responding to your post :-/)

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