Featured Speaker at Real Talk Business Mastery Summit - Grow My Brand

This week, our Chief Business Strategist & Productivity Coach Angel Santos is being interviewed by Personal Development Coach Auguste Crenshaw on the topic of branding during the Real Talk Business Mastery Summit.


Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur but find BUILDING A BUSINESS to be tough? Not making the amount of money you desire? Perhaps, you aren’t making any money at all!

Overwhelmed with the process of starting a business?

Are you TIRED of being SOLD TO and want REAL ADVICE.


I spent months doing things wrong and making bad investments.

I have been stretched spiritually, mentally and emotionally. When either area is out of sync, IT HAS A NEGATIVE EFFECT ON US AND OUR BUSINESS.

Why do some act like “IT” is an entrusted secret? They can only tell you so much. We are business men and women. We understand and respect up-sellling, but for every little thing, REALLY!?! AND WHY DOES YOUR LACK OF RESULTS PROVE YOU SHOULD BUY A BIGGER PACKAGE AND SPEND MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!

Timeout for the dumb stuff!!!

Welcome to the Real Talk for Business Mastery Summit. We are laying it out no holds barred.

We have a FULL- STAR lineup of awesome Business Owners killing the game, They changed their lives and are impacting others.

Now they want to make an impact on you.

We have everyone from Business Strategist, Marketing Experts, Mindset Coaches, Spirituality Experts, Tax & Money Mindset Experts, Graphic Designers, Relationship Coaches and more.


Because as a business owner you get tested in all areas. Regardless of the industry, the principles are universal. Issues can arise from dealing with the nuts and bolts of running a business, budgeting or frustration in relationships. You may even question God if the timing is right. We want you ready: mind, body and spirit! Plus we want you to see the Universal Truths regardless of your industry.

I have called on the best to lay it down in all areas.

If you are just starting or wavering in your decision, you will become: 

  • Informed – become aware of mistakes to avoid & learn the right steps to take
  • Equipped – with wisdom to make the best decisions for your business
  • Empowered – learn how to tap into yourself first, THEN YOU WILL KNOW IT, WHEN IT IS TIME TO INVEST IN YOURSELF
  • Educated – learn what is working now, some stuff is just out dated
  • Crystal Clear – KNOW YOUR NEXT BEST MOVE
  • Decisive – no more analysis paralysis CONFIDENTLY TAKE ACTION
  • Plus everything listed to your right 😉

If you have started but nearly want to quit you will gain:

  • Direction – yes even after a wrong turn or two, GET THAT CONFIDENCE BACK UP BABY
  • Implementable Strategies – yes you can apply them IMMEDIATELY (The Elevate Your Business Blueprint will show you how to apply what all 30 speakers have said to your business)
  • Cost Effective Resources – you can’t always base the value on cost
  • Confidence – yes it is your time
  • Motivation – in your face words of wisdom from the best coaches
  • Plus everything listed to your left 😉

The time is now; take hold of this shift and become one of the many people who decided to take control and


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