3 Tools To Add Leverage As a New Business Owner - Grow My Brand

People ask me all the time, “How Can I Be More Productive?”. My answer is always the same, time blocking and leverage.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The reason some get way more done is because they are no longer trying to do everything themselves. Instead they have learned to spend their time doing the thins they enjoy and are the best at and outsourcing the rest.

Here are three sites to help find leverage at the early stages of your business:

•1. Upwork.com (Upwork) – This site lets you hire by the hour or project. You agree on your budget before the freelancer starts and it automatically tracks their work so you only pay for the work you receive.
•2. Internships.com – This site lets you recruit and search for both paid and non-paid high school and college students.
•3. Fiverr.com (Fiverr) – The secret to a lot of millionaire’s blogs and graphics is none other than Fiverr. This site lets you hire based on what you need. Buy a logo for 40 or a branding kit for 200. The prices vary and the quality so be sure to look through the reviews of previous work of the Fiverr you choose to purchase from.

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