Happy Un-Labor Day - Grow My Brand

I looked up the history to this morning of Labor Day. Every so often I’ll look up an origin of a holiday when time has past and I want to refresh my memory of why we have it what we’re celebrating.

Has the Fight Ended?

I thought it was to created to give people who work a rest, but it was actually created to appease Americans after a 12 year battle for better pay, better treatment and better working conditions. I challenge everyone to evaluate how much you work and how much you live, laugh, love. Has your fight ended?

I would encourage you to move forward spending more time doing things if true value to you, and to create wealth that isn’t a result of “labor”. I’m not saying everyone should leave their jobs or start a company, but they’re investing (even if you start small), leaving below your means, working extra now to work less later, and just having an awareness and vision for where your life is and where you want it to be.

What Has Changed?

If you’re happy with your life and how you spend the bulk of your time, then great. If you’re not, then use this holiday to honor those who thought about this before you.

When the original Labor Day was formed, people were working 12 hours sifts, seven days a week just to get by …and they weren’t happy.

Now we work 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week or 50-60/hr a week jobs for “good money” with benefits and we think we have it good. We do.

We do? I in no way mean to sound ungrateful just to provoke reflection to what it is that we’re working for.

If it’s to provide for our family and we do it financially but were are absent physically or mentally, are we providing what we should be?

Looking Ahead

I know several people who didn’t take off today because holidays are required for their profession. What if it, instead of a Labor Day, we had an Un-Labor day. A day to celebrate the ability for you to make money and it NOT being tied to your direct physical labor.

Just my thoughts on this beautiful Monday morning. May you spend this day and time, both of which are presents, with those you love.

Change Your Future

If you’d like your next “Labor Day” to be one where you are in charge of your schedule, how much family time you get, how much money you make and how much freedom and flexibility to have, request a copy of my free guide “Taking My Life Back – Successful Shepreneur Checklisthere.

                                                       Happy Un-Labor Day!