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How To Crush Your Goals (In The Face of Fear)

Here’s what I learned serving over 400 entrepreneurs over the last two years: If we don’t start the week off with a strong mindset, then any strategy I share, any tips I give, and any training I provide will fall flat.


Because unless you approach the strategies, training and tips with an attitude of I can, with a spirit of hope, and an air of determination and faith, you won’t take action to do them anyway. Think about it. Have you ever attended a class or webinar, sat through a really great coaching session, or even watched a training online and took 0 action?

I’ve seen this happen far too many times. Fear is a sneaky thing that can rob of one the most precious gifts God gives us on earth: time. Watch this video when you need to get out of fear, out of procrastination and into action. Get our free Crush Your Goals worksheet here: http://growmybrand.org/jump