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Grow My Brand Testimonials

“Angel gave me a lightbulb moment on the FIRST day. I was spending too much time on social media. Some time is spent on business and making money obviously, but I found myself scrolling wayyyy too much. Like any addiction, sometimes cold turkey is best. I left some things automated for a day, gained clarity and now I’m BACK!!

And guess what, I reached the goal I set for the challenge AND booked a high-end client!! Thank you Angel…!!! 

Jenna Graziani

List Building Strategist, Jenna Graziani

First I have to say I give it up to Angel, she truly knows what she’s talking about. I have spoken to her several times and each time she has brought so much clarity in the direction in which I should go. Not only has she shown me that, she’s also given me a formula if you will of how I can go build steps to growing my business. I truly appreciate this business relationship, and thankful we connected. I see myself growing in my business with her ability to break down what I should be doing and how I can go about doing so.

Camilla Luke

Multidimensional Stylist, Camilla Luke

I recently had the opportunity to attend Angel’s One-Day Event and without a doubt, it was phenomenal! Angel shared a new way for me to think in order to narrow in on a target-market and it has made a huge difference. Her real-life, practical experience and expertise in business and marketing add to the value that she brings to her training to help you grow your business! She is genuine and authentic in all that she does and I am grateful to have attended and plan on attending in the future.

Jennifer Weaver

Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay